Self Storage Tips

Here are some tips for our self-storage customers in Millersville and Waldorf:

  • Use protective covers for sofas and mattresses. These are cost effective and prevent damage. We offer these for sale in the office, along with many other useful self-storage and moving supplies.
  • If possible, try not to store items that can be damaged by heat, humidity or cold.
  • Wrap chair legs in paper to prevent damage.
  • For fragile items, be sure and use bubble wrap and store them separately from more durable items. Place boxes with fragile items on top of shelves or other boxes. We offer bubble wrap and other moving supplies for sale.
  • If you’re storing appliances that may not be completely dry, make sure you wedge open the doors to prevent mold or mildew
  • When you disassemble furniture, place screws and small parts in a zip lock bag, tape them to the main part of the furniture so that it won’t get separated.
  • Make sure you leave an aisle between your boxes for fastest access.
  • Large plastic tubs can be really useful for storing your items.
  • Number your boxes and keep an inventory of the contents before you store them.
  • While packing fragile items, be sure and mark the outside of the boxes that contain them. Then when you get to your self storage unit be sure to put the fragile boxes on the top of the stacks.
  • If you have furniture with drawers, use them to store smaller items. It keeps them safe and saves your storage space.
  • Try to use similar sized boxes. It will make stacking your boxes neatly and in a stable manner much easier.
  • Even though it’s tempting, when storing your upholstered chairs and sofas, don’t place items on the cushions. After longer periods of storage this can do permanent damage. Consider getting plastic sofa covers, which are very cost-effective.
  • We do offer self-storage insurance for your belongings, but before you purchase it separately from us, be sure and check with your home-owners or renter’s insurance to see if you might already have coverage.

Have questions about moving into your storage unit? Contact our resident manager today.