Self Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Our self storage customers frequently ask us the questions below. If your question isn’t answered, or if you just need more information, please contact the Severna Office and Storage Park of Millersville resident manager.

  1. When can I move in? 
    If we have a storage unit that meets your needs available, you can move in immediately after you sign up with us. Just stop by or call and let us know what you need and we can tell you what we have available for immediate occupancy.
  2. If I move into my self storage unit in the middle of the month, will I need to pay for the entire month?
    No. Move-ins only pay for the remaining portion of the month. There is no need to wait until the beginning of the month to move into your self-storage unit!
  3. Do you sell boxes, moving and storage supplies?
    Yes, we have a variety of items available to help make your stay with us as easy as possible. We’ve got boxes, tape, locks and more. We only sell good quality items and at reasonable prices.
  4. When will I be able to get access to my storage unit?
    You will have 24/7 access to your self storage items. We have a gate that allows you in with an access code. We give you your access code at move-in. If you need to speak with someone in the office about your unit, please check our current storage and moving truck  office hours.
  5. How do I pay for my unit?
    We take major credit cards or check. You can setup automatic payment or you can pay monthly in person or by mail.
  6. When is my rent due?
    Depending when you move in, the date may fluctuate away from the 1st of the month. If you have questions about when your rent is due, please check with the office.
  7. How much storage space do I need?
    This is a great question. Our resident manager can help you determine the size unit that will be suit your needs. The best thing to do is to stop by and see our self storage unit sizes in person–after all, you know best what you need to store. We offer units of various sizes that are great for individuals and businesses. See our list of storage unit sizes here.
  8. Do I need to purchase a lock for my self storage unit?
    Yes. You can purchase a lock from us or you can purchase one from another supplier. You will want to make sure that you get a very good lock. The ones we offer are affordable, good quality and made to last.
  9. Do I need to purchase insurance?
    You need to check with your insurance company-often times, homeowners or renters insurance will cover your stored property, however you do have to declare the stored items in order to secure coverage. If your insurance does not offer this, we can sell you affordable insurance that will give you peace of mind in case something should ever go wrong. There are very rarely any problems, but you definitely do need to be covered. Our storage facility does not take any responsibility for any items that are lost or damaged while you store with us.
  10. Can I store a vehicle or motor cycle in my storage unit?
    Maybe. Please give us a call to talk about what your needs are what types of storage units we have available for this type of storage.
  11. Can I rent my storage unit for just one month?
    Yes. We rent all of our units on a month to month basis. So if you only need to stay for a month, we’re definitely okay with that. We want you to be happy you chose Economy Storage of Waldorf for any length of stay.
  12. What happens if I choose the wrong sized storage unit?
    Our storage experts, the resident manager or her assistant will go over your needs and show you the unit before you sign up. If you don’t think the unit you selected will meet your immediate needs, you can easily pick a different size at that time. Since the rental agreements are month by month, you can always increase or decrease your storage size on a monthly basis.
  13. Am I the only one who has access to my storage unit?
    Yes. You are the owner of the unit, you have the keys to the lock. For security reasons, please let us know if you give others access to your storage unit.
  14. What is an “on-site manager?”
    Our managers actually live in an apartment at the self-storage property in Waldorf.
  15. Do you accept credit cards?
    We accept major credit cards including Visa and Mastercard.
  16. Is there anything that I am not allowed to store in my unit?
    There are definitely things that may not be stored. For example, explosives, combustibles, ammunition, and toxic materials. There are also things that aren’t forbidden but aren’t a very good idea to store. For example, you really want to avoid storing food (aside from canned goods) or anything that should only be kept under specific storage conditions. An example would be a glass globe filled with water–they would likely freeze and break in the winter time.
  17. What happens if I forget my automatic gate access code?
    This happens sometimes. No worries. Just come to the office during business hours and we can reset it for you with valid driver’s license (or approved alternative) identification.
  18. What do I need to do in order to vacate my self storage unit?
    You’ll need to provide us notice that you’re vacating the unit. When you move out, please make sure that you’ve cleaned it thoroughly and of course, removed your lock.